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G-Star RAW x Borussia Dortmund

Steal our posters

Outdoor campaign with personally signed take-home posters.

To get Dortmund’s fans into the spirit of the new collaboration, we developed a special outdoor campaign. Throughout the city, we put up unique posters signed by the players themselves. Then BVB and G-Star RAW challenged their fans on social media to steal the posters from the bus shelters in Dortmund – and they did, in droves.

For this activation, the players were photographed in different outfits. In addition to outdoor, the images were shared on social, in-store and even as the new profile pics for the players on their social media.

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BVB poster activation 0977 Play.
BVB poster activation 1019
BVB poster activation 0977
BVB poster activation 0925
BVB poster activation 0797
BVB poster activation 0750
BVB poster activation 0106
19483002 GS BVB 3 PLAYER 1 kopie 19483002 GS BVB 3 PLAYER 2 kopie 2